Interface Camira Fabric and Leather Upholstery for Office Furniture and Office Chair

Johnston Reid Office Furniture

Interface Camira Advantage Fabric


  Sandvale, Tawny,Dusk, Sea Blue, Granite Cinnamon, Rosevale, Bouquet, Adriatic, Hare
  Sandvale Tawny Dusk Sea Blue Granite Cinnamon Rosevale Bouquet Adriatic Hare
  Red, Wine Raspberry, Purple, Fjord Cranberry, Fox, Danson, Bugle, Chickdee
  Red Wine Raspberry Purple Fjord Cranberry Fox Damson Bugle Chickadee
  Peat, Grape, Beetroot, Trent, Nightshade Cobalt, Hobbit, Shamrock, Aztec, Black
  Peat Grape Beetroot Trent Nightshade Cobalt Hobbit Shamrock Axtec Black
  Riviera, Azure, Aquarius, Crystal, Mineral Delta Blue, Turquise, Kingfisher, Leaf, Pewter
  Riviera Azure Aquarius Crystal Mineral Delta Blue Turquise Kingfisher Leaf Pewter
  Lakeside, Trident, Aqua, Oasis, Graphite Clipper, Largo, Teal, Persian, Charcoal
  Lakeside Trident Aqua Oasis Graphite Clipper Largo Teal Persian Charcoal


Interface Camira Ace Fabric


  Match, Racket, Set, Umpire, Title Smash, Court, Rally, Volley, Ashe
  Match Racket Set Umpire Title Smash Court Rally Volley Ashe

Interface Camira and Ace Fabric is made up of 30% pure new wool 70% Gymiene and has a weight of 360g/m2. Abrasion Resistance 90,000 cycles. Flammability Bs EN 1021 - 1 :1994 (cigarette) BS EN 1021 - 2 :1994 (match) BS 7176 : 1995 Low Hazard. Note Flammability performance is dependant on foam used. Dry Clean only.

Interface Camira Phoenix Fabric


  Sandstorm, Apple, Parasol, Bluebell, Solano Nougat, Campeche, Scuba, Bluefield, Olympic


Apple Parasol Bluebell Solano Nougat Campeche Scuba Bluefield Olympic
  Blizzard, Windjammer, Curacao, Cayman, Lobster Paseo, Rainforest, Ocean, Tarot, Jamaica
  Blizzard Windjammer Curacao Cayman Lobster Paseo Rainforest Ocean Tarot Jamaica
  Sombrero, Montserrat, Costa, Guyana, Calypso Havana, Taboo, Arawak, Tobago, Belize
  Sombrero Montserrat Costa Guyana Calypso Havana Taboo Arawak Tobago Belize


Real Leather Hide


  Black Leather Dark Grey Light Grey Blue Sapphire Green Meadow Light Lagoon Brown Tan
  Black Dark Grey Light Grey Blue Sapphire Green Meadow Light Lagoon Brown Tan
  Ivory Burgundy Royal Blue Leather              
  Ivory Burgundy Royal Blue              


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