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Core office furniture Aberdeen


Crossover office furniture aberdeen

Core New range

Core is a versatile desk system with a fresh clean aesthetic based around a horizontal beam construction.

The flexibility designed into the system allows Core to provide a comprehensive range of different applications. Core is available as a four leg version, cantilever frame or continuous bench using simple, cost effective, flexible components and legs can be shared wherever necessary.


Crossover New range

At the heart of Crossover is a pair of horizontal beams which provide a robust structure and a continuous fixing method for all furniture elements. Legs, screens, wire management, work surfaces and accessories can be attached at any point along the beams regardless of the desk module, therefore saving a multitude of components.


Accolade Office Furniture Aberdeen


Jigsaw Office Furniture Aberdeen

Accolade Executive Furniture

is manufactured to the highest specification for the most Senior Executives. It combines the lines of a traditional panel end system with the lightness of a profiled top and the curves of shaped tops.

Accolade can be produced using re-engineered wood veneers which enables a degree of matching previously impossible with natural wood veneer species. All worktops have 36mm profile edge to relieve all the sharp edges.


Jigsaw Plus

is designed to provide a truly flexible cost effective solution for any office application or task. Key to the system is the rigid beam which allows almost limitless shared configuration and extremly simple installation.

Workstations are available in a variety of very practical and pleasing shapes with 25mm tops, in MFC or Reformed Veneer, as standard. Legs may be shared between workstations to reduce cost and improve appearance, with a height adjustable leg option (620-820 high) available. Optional courtesy panels are available in steel or opaque acrylic finishes.

Pulsar Office Furniture Aberdeen


Office Furniture Aberdeen


is a highly flexible, modular range of systems office furniture, which responds to the ever evolving way we work in offices.
Pulsar has an optional retro fittable cable management kit that can be applied exactly where and when it is required.

To support the most progressive technology, careful consideration has been given to varying levels of accommodation of power and data communication within the workstation.



tables are beautifully engineered and supported on a central beam which allows the table top to be flipped over from a horizontal to a vertical position. For safety reasons, the flip over movement is controlled through friction bearings.

At the same time the legs are automatically moved from an “in line” position to slightly angled so that tables can be horizontally ‘nested’ when not in use. The table operation takes a matter of seconds and is operated through push buttons located in the top support brackets

Conference Office Furniture Aberdeen


Harley Axis Office Furniture Aberdeen

Conference and Board Room Furniture

is produced from the finest materials to cater for the most discerning buyer. It conforms with BS4875 - Strength and Stability of Office Furniture; without losing its classical appearance. All tables with edge detail 1/2/3 are 38mm thick for strength and durability. Traditional tables are offered with a choice of four alternative solid hardwood edge profiles. Circular tables and edge detail 5 tables are manufcatured from 36mm thick veneered MDF (Medium density fibreboard).


Harley Axis Boardroom

table system has a unique patented hinge design (Patent applied for PCT/GB95/02653). This allows the table frame to fold within its own length for ease of reconfiguration, storage and transportation. The top is easily attached to the underframe by moulded plastic locating lugs. To extend the system, quadrant shaped corner units are added with a fixed under frame and are supported by adjacent tables. No tools are required to assemble or disassemble the Axis system.

Harley Office Furniture Aberdeen


Harley Axis Aberdeen

Harley Standard

Collection comprises of three distinctive modular table ranges with complementary furniture. Each Range is designed to meet a multiplicity of requirements from impromptu meetings to prestigious conference facility. This is achieved through a wide choice of table shapes, thicknesses, finishes and table support frame designs with flexibility as the major criteria. The collection can be quickly assembled, rearranged, stacked and stored, saving space and time. There is also a range of ancillary presentation furniture and seating designed to enhance the Training, Presentation and Conference environment


Harley Axis

The table system has a unique patented hinge design. This allows the table frame to fold within its own length for ease of reconfiguration, storage and transportation. The top is easily attached to the under frame by moulded plastic locating lugs. To extend the system, quadrant shaped corner units are added with a fixed under frame and are supported by adjacent tables. No tools are required to assemble or disassemble the Axis system.

Infinity Height Adjustable Workstation   Office Furniture Aberdeen

Infinity Desk and Workstation (height adjustable)

Based on a modern, fresh cantilever leg design and beam support construction, individual workstations are available in a variety of shapes and sizes in both 25mm MFC and reformed veneers.

True height adjustability is provided through the two options of manual crank handle and electrical push button control, enabling the user to quickly and easily alter the workstation height with minimum effort.


Storage Design

Senator's range of Storage products are designed to complement and to be compatible with the various Senator ranges of office furniture.

They provide a facility for the storage and retrieval of the most commonly used types of filing high frequency, general bulk or archival; and with the variety of internal accessories available they can be organised for multimedia storage.

Many of the storage units can be used as room dividers or for territorial definition. The differing heights of units also provide an opportunity for landscaping in the open plan office.

Aspen Office Furniture Aberdeen


Synergy Office Furniture Aberdeen

Aspen Desking - A fresh new look from Torasen

Aspen offers a straight forward range of shapes and sizes for the ever demanding office environment. Incorporating fly-over tops with wire management portholes and complementary pedestals and silver metal work


Synergy Desk

Synergy is the solution for today's modern office, stylish contours incorporate an optional wire management facility, demonstrating the versatility this product has to offer.

The optional perforated leg covers truly uplift and enhance the crisp design.


Intrigue Office Furniture Aberdeen




is an attractive, lightweight beam system combining flexibility and utility. The system has been developed using as few components as possible, all of which are specific to the system, making Intrigue easy to specify, build, use and upgrade.

The combination of beam, post and leg at the heart of Intrigue has many standard features which reduce hidden costs. The height adjustable leg is non-handed to facilitate reconfiguration. The beam provides rigidity within the system, has ample cable management capacity and allows power/data cabling between workstations.




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